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North Point Immigration Consulting Services is a global firm that specializes in assessing, advising and assisting clients on Canadian immigration matters, whether you be local, national, or international.

We will ensure your case is handled in a professional, ethical and timely manner— from the moment we are hired right up until your file is submitted to the department of Immigration and Refugees and Citizenship Canada.


Immigration to Canada is a complex and daunting business. And, while you are not required to hire a consultant or attorney to process your immigration file—you should.

The Canadian Immigration System is complicated and bureaucratic. Our experience  helps you make sense of it, and we ensure all the required checks and balances are completed, so that your applications is processed as quickly as possible and not held up due to unnecessary errors. We also keep you informed on the progress of your file every step of the way.



Honesty and ethical immigration consulting practices guide all the work we do. Rajvir Rao of

North Point Immigration is a member in good standing (R517288) with the Immigration Consultants of Canada (ICCRC)—the national regulatory body designated by the government of Canada that administers all regulated immigration and citizenship professionals.


We also strictly abide by the Code of Professional Ethics mandated by ICCRC.  


North Point Immigration up-to-date on all provincial and federal immigration programs, ensuring our clients have the quickest and best possible outcomes.  Services are available in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Cantonese. 



Rajvir Rao

Rajvir Rao is the Chief Executive Officer at North Point Immigration. She is a regulated member in good standing with ICCRC (R517288). She holds a BA in Political Science from Simon Fraser University, MA in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University and a Certificate in Immigration: Laws, Policy and Procedure from University of British Columbia.


Rajvir has worked with all three-levels of government including for a former federal cabinet Minister as a legislative assistant, where she monitored several parliamentary committee, including the Citizenship and Immigration Committee.  As a seasoned communication professional with expertise in issues management, government relations, and policy and stakeholder relations she can add value to your file and is committed to effectively communicating to her clients every step of the way.


Mr. Beave Singh 


Mr. Beave Singh is North Point’s official mascot that promotes a diverse Canada. The beaver is one of Canada’s national symbol and he represents Canada's current social fabric.  


Historical Significance 

In the late 1600 and early 1700s, the beavers’ fur was a hot fashion accessory thanks to fur hats. Many European explores came to Canada and bought beaver fur to take back. Many Canadians financially benefited from this trade partnership and to honor the wealth and prosperity, the government proclaimed the beaver as one its national symbols. 

North Point’s Connection

The beaver is a mystical creature that symbolizes extreme hard working, adapts to its environment, and can build a home from scratch. These are the qualities that many newcomers bring to Canada. Just as in its early days of its discovery, the beaver is associated with prosperity and we wish this upon our clients who want to make Canada their new home.

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