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Did you know if you are not a permanent resident or Canadian, you cannot work in Canada without a valid work permit?

Most foreign workers require a work permit to work in Canada.

Also, depending on the type of work and your skill level, you may also need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from an employer. LMIA is granted to an employer to hire a foreign-temporary worker by the department of Economic and Social Development Canada.

If one of the following categories applies to you, an LMIA is NOT required but are required to have a work permit from CIC:

  • Specific occupations outlined in the International Mobility Program Free Trade Agreement: NAFTA

  • Specific occupations under reciprocal agreements with Canada and its provincial/ territorial counterparts

  • International students who are enrolled in full-time studies at a Designated Learning Institution

  • A spouse/common-law partner of an individual who holds a work and/or and student permit

  • Individuals working with charitable or religious organizations and

  • Refugees during their claim period who need to work to support themselves.

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